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Functional Medicine

  Functional medicine focuses on correcting physiological function versus overriding the problem with drugs or surgery. Using science-based lab tests, assessments, and in-office exams, we look at physiology and where the dysfunction lies. Functional medicine recognizes the body is a highly complex web of interrelated functions. It’s impossible to consider hormone balance without also considering the health of the immune system, or to address brain function without addressing gut health. 

All these systems act in concert with one another and not as isolated systems.  This therapeutic approach requires an in-depth knowledge of physiology and how the different systems in the body work together, beyond drugs or surgery to address the root cause.

Many of our patients have been to numerous doctors and sometimes even the top medical clinics in the country. Some have also made the rounds of various alternative doctors. They are often told their lab tests are fine and nothing more can be done.

In functional medicine we focus on treating the person, not the disease. We don’t look at what drug or which surgery might mask or remove a problem. Nor do we mask symptoms with herbs or the latest nutrient. Instead, we examine a person’s physiology to see where the breakdown has occurred and how we can unwind vicious cycles that perpetuate autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.

Dr. Cesar Mavila, DC tailors an  individualized health programs based on an extensive health history, examination, patient goals and comprehensive lab tests that look at the body’s complex systems and their function.

During your initial consultation Dr. Mavila will extensively review your personal and family health history.  He will also review your previous labs, go over your health goals and expectations. Moreover, he will answer any questions you may have and determine if you are a candidate for care.